Thursday, April 28, 2005

A+B=C ... or ... C=A+B

Interesting evening and morning. And with trepidation, I shall enter my second post.

I thought about this site for the better part of the evening last night. My husband and I had a discussion about what the "purpose" of a blog is. Why would anyone want to have one? I explained that I had only really looked at blogs -- looking at them for what they are -- yesterday. Oh, I had tapped into them to get info or to track certain things, but had not looked at them for what they are...for the genre that they are. As we talked in our truncated sentences (those of you with children understand that dialect), I managed to say that some are diaries...some are true news outlets...many are gossipy or rants...while others are just plain bizarre. And so he asked again what the purpose of my blog is. And my answer remained "I don't know."

It just hit me that this is a manifestation of my personality that can be described as C=A+B. You see, my husband is an A+B=C person. Totally confused? Let me see if I can do the description justice.

Kon (dear husband) is an organized, methodical person. He knows that if you have "A" and then do "B" that it will result in "C." He has to have a plan and the components in place before he will work toward a goal. I, on the other hand, come up with a great idea -- aka "C" -- and then scrap around and utilize "B" and "A" to achieve "C."

Now, in the context of a blog it's quite simple how those personalities manifest themselves. While I think "Wow! A blog! What a great idea. Why don't I set one up and go for it?" Only after I've done all that do I sit down and figure out what to populate it with. It will evolve, and its purpose, meaning and virture (if, in fact, there even are any) may only be discovered much later on. However, Kon's approach would be something like this: "I love scale models. I would like to post my thoughts about scale models and set up a site where I can capture my observations and experiences looking at World War II history and artifacts. I will therefore set up a blog that allows me to do that and to welcome others who may have similar input."

Big difference, huh! Of course, we both wind up with a blogspot...and to the outside world, they would appear virtually the same with regard to the mechanics of it all. But isn't that an amazingly stark contrast in how that blogspot came to be?

Now apply that to the almost 9 million bloggers online and imagine the different motivations and personality formulas that drove them to create their spot. It's mind boggling, I tell you.

Well hells bells...we're here at the end of another entry, and I really haven't gotten much further than the edge of my amateur brain. Why do I feel like this journey into blogging is like the morning of a much anticipated trip, and in trying to get out of the driveway, the process is continuously interrupted with a forgotten camera, a last minute trip to the bathroom, and one last check through the house to turn off lights. We'll get going, I promise. But I must warn you...I only know where we're going (C)...I have no idea how we'll get there (A+B).


At 7:52 AM, Blogger BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Finding your blog by accident has been a real highlight for me, Whit.
Your writing and thinking are completely delightful.

I think you answered your own question regarding the purpose of blogs even before your first post was created: they are more for our own entertainment than for the entertainment of others!

Keep up with your enjoyable posts and writing!

Back to brief writing.


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