Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Post ... Toasted

Well, I've already done it.
I've edited myself.
Pulled a post before it ever saw the light of day.

I had vaguely sketched out an incident in which someone took credit for something I did. And did so in front of a group of people who knew that I had done the heavy lifting on the thing in question. I never named names, but I became so worried that someone might actually visit my blog and realize what the nature of the crime was! (It would have been exciting to have someone visit, but not under those circumstances!)

Anyway, I wrote the post...put it up...and then minutes later pulled it. Is that cowardice or good judgment?

The whole point of the "Post That Almost Was" was to talk about why I didn't call the person on the carpet when they took credit for my good deed. Was it because I didn't want to embarrass that person? Or was it because there was a little smug satisfaction in watching my friends shrink back in horror that this person could do such a thing knowing that I was present to hear their claims and then know that internally that person had to be struggling with some guilt and remorse over it!

Well, I don't know which it was. But, did I save that person from embarrassment? Absolutely. Did I get a charge out of the exchanged looks amongst ourselves as the ploy continued? But of course. Do I think that person has even given it a second thought as to what a plagiaristic knot-head they sounded like taking credit for something they clearly didn't do? Not a chance.

BUT, regardless of my motivations...I saved myself from sounding petty. I saved myself from saying something sarcastic or caustic (who me?) that I would have regretted. I saved myself from damaging a relationship (whether or not it is worth salvaging is another story, but you get my point -- the point being that I am not in the business of going around the busting people over the head with their own thoughtless actions...well, most of the time, anyway.) I'm just wondering how many times I have done that and will do that in my life...initially act on less than admirable motivation, but in the end do myself and the other person a bigger favor in the final analysis.

OK, so you kinda get the story without all the tell-tell details. And just think...had I posted last night as originally planned, I wouldn't have come across and wouldn't be able to ask for forgiveness... Bless me Father for I have spinned.

So let's toast a post in the good sense -- Cheers to Joey Ratz! Long live the Pope!

There. Post...toasted!


At 3:47 AM, Blogger Trudging said...

This is a great site. Thank You

At 12:17 PM, Blogger dayna said...

That is a great post. Laughed through the whole thing. I really enjoyed reading your analysis and conclusion of the whole situation.
I do the same thing.

At 12:20 PM, Blogger dayna said...

Definitely adding it to my links page.

At 2:20 PM, Blogger BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Whit: You are a beautiful and witty writer. Posted toasted.

To me, pulling a post is not necessarily something to be ashamed about. What I try to do is determine if I have been dishonest, unkind, mean-spirited or offensive in any way. Priding myself into honest action is very important to me. And I am proud of you, for being able to look at yourself honestly.

You are quite a lovely person!
(With truckloads of Whitdom, by the way.)


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