Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I'm A Platinum Blonde

Ok -- I did something that probably qualifies as the craziest thing I have ever done.

I signed up for the American Airlines platinum challenge on June 15th -- the challenge being that if you can accrue 10K points in 90 days, they bump you to Platinum.

So with all this traveling I've been doing, it shouldn't have been a problem -- except I came up 85 points short! 85 points! And the deadline is tomorrow to get over that 10K mark.

Well, what did I do? Glad you asked.

I booked an AASuperSaver ticket to Atlanta and back. Got on an airplane at 1pm - flew to Atlanta. Got off the plane and saw that my return flight was leaving from the exact same gate -- heck, it was the same plane and crew! So I exited the plane and walked to the gate counter, got my boarding pass, took a trip to the loo, and got back on the plane and came home. Home by dinner, in fact.

It turned out to be a good thing actually. I took my laptop and went through emails and documents and got a lot of administrativia taken care of that just doesn't happen when I am at my desk constantly being interrupted.

Of course, my husband thinks it is hysterical. My friends figure it is something that only I would do. And my co-workers are excited for me because they don't have to hear me checking on my platinum status anymore after each trip!

I considered finding a platinum blonde wig to wear to work tomorrow to symbolize my new status. But alas, I'm suffering from a bit of jet lag and will just have to go in with my natural dirty dishwater blonde hair. :)

For anyone who stops in -- I would love to hear of something crazy and spontaneous you have done.


At 8:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 8:49 PM, Blogger Greg said...

You've probably encountered my comments on Barbara's site and I certainly have followed yours. I must say I find them insightful and well written.

Concerning your ambition to get a platinum (card?-I know very little about these kind of promotions since I'm just on a trip here from Israel)it certainly made me forgot about the White Sox(I'm an ardent baseball fan although I get bored watching an entire game)loss and gave me something to laugh about!

Thanx for the entertaining post,


At 1:42 AM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

That is great!! I was laughing so hard while I was reading it. Have I ever done something spontanious? Hmmm... Good question. Well, I did fly to Israel and become a citizen within a month. Wasn't planning on doing that. Not even my parents knew. I didn't tell them until after I had done. Most people think that I was crazy for doing that. Does that count?

At 1:51 AM, Blogger Latigo Flint said...

I once hugged an angry wolverine.

(I instantly regretted that decision.)

At 6:34 AM, Blogger jenbeauty said...

lol...that is awesome...wish I had the courage to do something like that. Its great you got the points.

At 10:13 PM, Blogger amberdusk said...

Now THAT is good. I am very impressed. Glad you got your work done too


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