Thursday, November 03, 2005

Everything Old is New Again

YIKES! Has that much time passed by in my life that it is already November? I will have absolutely no archives for October. Six weeks have come and gone that I have not even been lurking on the blogs...I just haven't even touched them.

So I thought I would jump back on tonight and see how everyone is doing. And I was vividly educated on how quickly things can change. I visited my "friends'" blogs only to realize that I have been gone so long that I am not part of the conversation. I have no idea what the point of reference is. I would read one thing and then realize that I needed to go further back, and it just made me sad and frustrated.

I think of friends in my life right now where I have lost touch. (You see, it is not only blogosphere where I have checked out -- I have not been available to most anyone these past several weeks.) And now I am painfully aware that there is probably so much that I have missed with the friends with whom I do life. I am going to have to relearn what is happening. I am going to have to invest some time and energy to reconnect. And to be patient while others weave me back into their lives.

I am realizing what I love about people. Their characteristics that endeared me to them in the first place that I began to just see as 'them' and not 'uniquely them.'

Being away has been hard. Reconnecting will take time and patience. But the beauty in finding the joy in things that were once old but are new once again is a blessing tied to something that I thought nothing good could come of.


At 2:31 PM, Blogger BOHICA said...

ya know what I love about you? Your great honesty. You have the ability to be sincere and still sound so human.

Damn, I wish I had that quality!

At 3:23 PM, Blogger Whit said...

Oh, but BOHICA, that is what I love about you! Your frank assessment of how things are and your crystal clear language and your unwavering consistency. Your comments don't get lost in flowery metaphors, and there is no mistaking where you stand on any given issue. That is admirable...and it is rare!

At 8:46 AM, Blogger Bill said...

Welcome back Whit... you've been missed!

It sounds like the time 'away' let you clear your mind and emerge refreshed, that's always a good thing in my opinion!


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